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Previous weight : 110 kgs    Current weight : 70 kgs

Height : 5'10

Training with DSF has literally changed my life.I feel great and can see the results in the mirror.”When I came to DSF I was of 110 kgand in approx 9 months I lost around  4o kg  now I have a muscular physique and planning to work more on my body to become like my ideal DIGVIJAY SINGH.


Previous weight : 116 kgs    Current weight : 72 kgs

Height : 6'1

Since meeting Digvijay singh, it’s the first time I’ve ever enjoyed training in a gym.


Let me start with saying that it hasn’t been easy. A fat guy who weighed 116 kgs, I never thought I would ever lose weight and look like the way I do today. All thanks to DIGVIJAY SINGH and team DSF. I am training under him since one year . I embarked on a massive weight loss journey and had no clue how to achieve it. But once I associated myself with my trainer, things started to look brighter.


Time passes quickly and the sessions are varied. He also provides a rounded service, focusing on nutrition as well as exercise so that I achieve my goals quicker. I’m definitely seeing a difference and getting more toned which is exactly what I wanted.”



I can tell by the way he takes time out and listens to each one in detail, understand their goals; and takes that all into consideration when setting up a program for his clients.

My journey here was amazing 

Saurabh Mehta



Digvijay singh = the Best! He is not only very knowledgeable but professional. He is simple and direct. ”I would recommend it to anyone, but I also recognize that it is not for everyone (lack of discipline, short term focus, little passion, etc)”He is always focused and gives full attention to his followers/clients till their objectives are achieved.


Previous weight : 120 kgs    Current weight : 95 kgs

Height : 6'3

I have lost weight and gained lean muscle mass by working out with TEAM DSF and have had no hesitation in recommending him to friends and colleagues”The knowledge and nutrition tips I have learned made a huge difference in my performance. Most importantly, I am always motivated because the workouts are always changing and customized to my specific needs. 

Sonu chaudhary


Previous weight : 98 kgs      Current weight : 72 kgs

Height : 5'5

I was able to lost 26 kgs I can tell actually that it was the best decision in my life !!Training plan was hard at the beginning but it make so strong in 5 months.The best things in this plan is that DSF teach you how to eat and how to replace food according to your macros and that's awesome !I love the meal plans. It makes it so easy, the foods are all available and a regular grocery store and are quick and easy to make!On top of that, I would just add that a HUGE percentage of the success of anyone is not only what you do to work out but is also made in the kitchen cooking and preparing real food!